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3 Sustainable Food Trends That Will Change What You Eat

As we are moving forward, each year witnesses a new food or wellness trend. From big hair to new music to low-rise jeans trends, we have seen so much. And in 2020, you will find new food trends coming up. Our world has seen so many successful innovations and creations with food. Food trends cycle in and out of popularity.

Earlier, no one was aware of organic food or plant-based food. But now all people seek are organic foods and plant-based food. No doubt that these foods are rich in nutrition, gut health and overall health.

Some foods do get popular, but it is not necessary that everything on your dinner plate is healthy and nutritious. So, make sure of the nutritional value before you follow any new trend. So, see for yourself what three sustainable food trends 2020 has to offer!

Plant-based Foods

Are you on a diet with leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc? These are plant-based foods. People are more fond of plant-based food because of its healthy and nutritional properties. And 2020 has seen an invigorated shift to plant-based eating.

People are determined to skip on highly processed foods. Foods with preservatives but good aroma and flavor are no more favorites. A boom in any food trend does not justify the nutritional value.

A plant-based diet has a different meaning for every individual. Some strictly focus on plants and plant-derived food, while some do include some animal derivatives like meat, milk, etc. A plant-based diet includes lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, etc.

Forget not, these plant-based food are highly rich in natural nutrition value. And they have huge health benefits like weight management, lower heart-risk, diabetes prevention, etc. This is a tasty and healthy way for a balanced diet and long-term health sustenance.

Nature has so much to offer to eat. Have a bowl of cucumber, olives, tomato and lettuce dressed with olive oil, pepper and oregano. Cooking such food is easier, quicker and tastier!

Lab-grown Proteins

We see new inventions now and then! And scientists have also found a way to experiment with food and produce healthy and protein-rich food from the lab itself. It is believed that lab-grown proteins will be more sought after around 2030. However, it is popular this year too, but not to such an extent.

Scientists have already created eggs, fish and meat in a lab merely from stem cells. It is a futuristic concept. They have not found themselves a place in market. Even if these lab-based proteins do get commercially available, they will out-trend these plant-based foods.

As they are lab prepared, so only problem standing in the way is “customer acceptance”. Many have tasted the lab prepared meat. No chicken was raised or slaughter to harvest meat. Hence, there is no damage to the environment done and you get your favorite meat on your plate.

Insect Foods

Red meat has undoubtedly a better hold in the market and among the customers. It has brought an optimistic impact on the environments. Insect food is not far behind. The year, 2020, might also see a rise in insect foods. Insects are a part of the diet of many people in the world. The insect foods trend is about a thousand years old.

For instance, a popular insect product is cricket based product. Not many people know the better use of it. Hence, it is not very popular or not very common. But, once people are aptly educated on how these cricket products can be used. We will see people trying out such products and accept them.

Edible insects are considered a sustainable food alternative. They are cheap, nutritious, and some even say they are delicious. The insects consist of high-quality proteins, zinc, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, and iron; all enough for humans. To top it off, this insect-eating trend will not even disturb a balance in nature. Therefore, there will be no damage or harm to the environment.

With daily harm done to our mother nature, scientists and researchers are finding out new ways to not destruct nature or imbalance it. Modern diets include plant-based foods and insect foods without hesitation. We are yet to see how people will adapt to such food trends in 2020.