HGH History, Benefits, And Concerns

Some HGH History

It is the pituitary gland that secretes HGH. Your pituitary gland is located close to your brain and is about the size of a pea. It works to help with a broad range of functions but mainly works to increase your height as you are growing up during childhood.

Scientists have been aware of growth hormones since way back in the 1920s. They didn’t start using it for treating people until 1963, when it was a treatment for helping exceptionally short kids who had pituitary gland disorders to grow taller. It was used conservatively during those times, mostly because it was in short supply. The reason for that is because humans are its only source. They had to obtain the hormone by extracting it from the pituitary glands of cadavers.

The Ban of Natural Sources of HGH

HGHThe production of HGH finally came to a stand-still when it was discovered that some of it was contaminated. It had been extracted from cadavers infected with CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease). CJD carried similar effects as that of extreme Alzheimer’s or ‘Mad Cow’ disease, leading to a rapid degeneration of the brain and death. As things evolved it was finally banned. However, just 6 months after the ban of ‘natural sources’ of HGH, there was an approval from the FDA for Genentech’s ‘recombinant Human Growth Hormone’ which was called ‘Protropin’. Protropin, along with various other brands of recombinant HGH, did more than just give kids a safe source of HGH but also lead to its use in other helpful applications as well.

HGH Benefits

A large part of the reason that medical science and humans see our natural aging process in a more positive light today, is due to the broad range of benefits that HGH carries. People no longer feel like they have to develop a diminished mental capacity, gray hair, gain weight, or become more fragile with age.

Of course, we can’t stop time or aging but we can do something about the quality of that time. People are living more productive lives and adding years to them as well. Those who take advantage of what life can offer in a modern world are experiencing increased energy and more endurance. They are also experiencing benefits like –

Stronger Bones
Improved Joint Mobility
Increased Muscle Tone
Thicker Hair Growth
Restoration of Hair Color
Fat Loss
Decreases in Cellulose
Strengthening of the Nails

and much more. Having a better self-image contributes to a person’s overall health and happiness. When you feel better your life just flows better. More pleasure and stamina in male/female relations is another big plus.

So far we’ve mentioned a few things you can see with the natural eye. However, there are also benefits taking place on the inside that are quite substantial. One of the reasons behind weight gain is a metabolism that has become sluggish and no longer works at the capacity it used to. With HGH injections your metabolism will function in a much better manner.

An increase in mobility and flexibility may also be noticed. Internal organs increase in strength due to an increase in cell regeneration from hormone therapy. Clearer eyesight and a lower risk of heart disease are good enough reasons alone to take the therapy, but you can also add the risk for diabetes to that list as well. Immune systems become stronger and more effective so sickness is less likely to occur. Heart and brain functions improve along with memory and other cognitive functions. Depression is replaced with a more positive outlook on life.

HGH and Hormone Therapy Concerns

As with anything new regarding medical breakthroughs, people have concerns about the side effects of new treatments and drugs. There has been extensive testing and a lot of research done to keep any potential side effects down to a minimum. Although scientists have been working with HGH for quite a few years now, not everything is known concerning long-term use.

There have been some studies that reveal a high risk for cancer from using HGH. Another concern is that using HGH may lead to someone’s body no longer responding properly to things like acupuncture, changes in diet, and various other natural treatments. Even though the FDA approved the drug for treating growth conditions in children, many of its other uses have not yet been FDA approved.

There is always a risk involved with any type of hormone treatment that’s not yet FDA approved. People should discuss these risks with their doctors. As far as how safe it is, the elderly are seeing stronger bones to guard against frailty, but anything new carries both pros and cons. That means only the person who is considering the therapy can know if the benefits vs. risks are worth it to them. There may still be some unknowns about hormone therapy and HGH but the benefits are indeed very promising and impressive.

Anyone who is considering hormone therapy or HGH injections should not only talk with their doctor about it, but get online and do their own research. Look for reviews from people who have actually gone through the treatments, then gauge the risks for yourself.