Feel Like A New Person With Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide, or NO, is a colorless toxic gas that when combined with oxygen will be changed to nitrogen dioxide, a poisonous gas. However, it is beneficial when produced in human bodies. Bodies generate NO to help the fifty trillion cells establish contact with each other. Every system in the body needs Nitric Oxide for each organ to function advantageously. Some of the benefits are: Blood pressure is balanced when Nitric Oxide dilates arteries. The body diminishes inflammation, and promotes better sleep. The sense of smell is enhanced. Nitric Oxide helps the immune system battle bacteria and attempt to prevent tumors. Nerve cells in the brain are improved to assist in memory and adjust behavior with it. Nitric 0xide expands vitality and energy. It also expedites digestion.

nitric oxideNitroglycerin releases Nitric Oxide to unleash blood flow and oxygen, improving heart function. The internal part of arteries generate Nitric Oxide except when plaque forms in the arteries, then the body is unable to produce enough Nitric Oxide. This creates the use of nitroglycerin for heart patients and those in danger of a stroke. When  the nitroglycerin  takes effect, arteries open and relax, relieving blood pressure and the danger of a heart attack or stroke for a time.

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, (ED) is caused by slow blood flow in plaque and aged arteries. An erection requires enough blood effusion to create the formation of an erection. The remedies for ED such as Viagra and other medications designed to help men with erectile dysfunction releases enzymes. These enzymes in turn increase the production of Nitric Oxide, which generates better blood flow and firmer erections.

If the body is not producing enough Nitric Oxide, there are some ways to increase the manufacture of Nitric Oxide in the body. Exercise, lifting weights or running causes the heart to beat harder. This causes the arteries to widen and release more blood including releasing Nitric Oxide. As our bodies grow older, in age and because of inactivity or being sedentary and inferior diets, we produce less Nitric Oxide. The veins and arteries begin to depreciate, revealing less energy and pliancy.

Eating a better diet of fruit, nuts, dairy products and certain meats will effectively produce nitric oxide. Consuming vitamins C and E, along with antioxidants such as garlic, soy and alpha lipoic acid will help the body in the formulation of Nitric Oxide. The better we care for our bodies, the longer the effect of Nitric Oxide and the healthier one will feel. In surgeries to insert stents in heart patients, physicians are coating the stents with medication that will generate Nitric Oxide, thus producing improved healing.

Supplements containing L-Argentine and L-citruline increase Nitric Oxide in the body. Bodybuilders and athletes are using these supplements to accelerate the Nitric Oxide levels in their muscles. The nutrients diminish the exhaustion and weariness that can come with considerable exercise. Recovery is faster and the workout is more effective.

The more nutritious one’s diet, fresh foods, healthy portions and not ingesting fatty foods, the better one feels. Some foods to incorporate into your diet that will help increase Nitric Oxide are beets, spinach and dark leafy greens. Staying active, moderate exercise and not smoking will help to increase Nitric Oxide in the blood stream. This in turn will add energy and a good feeling of strength to your body. Nitric Oxide also helps a faster recovery after strenuous workouts. The blood flow is smoother to muscles, indicating a better exercise routine the next time one goes to the gym. One should always eat a healthy meal and a protein shake after strenuous exercise. This too helps prepare muscles to relax. Better recovery between sessions will offer better residuum.

Aging slows down the production of Nitric Oxide as much as fifty percent by the time women are fifty years old and men lose that much by the time they are forty. Add to the aging a sedentary lifestyle and smoking along with an unhealthy diet, it is possible one faces this at an even younger age. Nitric Oxide supplements can improve one’s cardiovascular function and add energy.

Nitric Oxide supplements include combining several products, including one that increases circulation and healthy arterial function.  Powdered beets boost energy levels and help promote Nitric Oxide concentrations. Nitric Oxide supplements containing Arginine and citruline improve Nitric Oxide function. One has more energy, workouts are easier and sleep is improved. One should only use the supplements in recommended doses, taking more than the prescribed  amount may cause diarrhea, increased urination and nausea. One should consult his or her family physician before adding any Nitric Oxide supplements to their workout routine to assure there will not be an interaction with medications.  Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising appropriately will improve your well being. You can reduce fatigue and turn back the clock with the proper routine and diet.