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Health And Nutrition Tips To Make This Quarantine Easier

As COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing down, countries are being forced to take stricter measures to ensure that they contain the spread of the disease. The self-quarantine coupled with the closing of a large number of businesses has severely affected our general food-related habits. There are certain places where takeaway offers are available but in a limited capacity. In other places, fresh items are getting hard to come by. 

Good nutrition is just one aspect of great health. Especially right now, when your immune system needs to fight back. The limited resources all around are creating big issues toward the path to maintaining a healthy and varied diet. But we don’t have to fret. Even in the midst of the pandemic, there are ways you can maintain optimal health.

For starters try and remain physically active. A healthy mind resides inside a healthy body and it is important for one to find a balance to remain healthy during this pandemic. 

Follow Safe Food Handling Practices

Food safety is essential for maintaining yourself during the pandemic. When you are preparing food yourself or others ensure you follow the rules of good hygiene practices and avoid contamination and any other foodborne diseases. Some things to be careful about are;

  • Ensure that your hands, utensils, and kitchen are clean at all times.
  • Keep the raw and cooked food separately, especially all raw produce like fish and meat.
  • Take care that your food is cooked all the way through. 
  • Keep the food at safe temperatures, ie. either above 60°c or below 5°c, you are doing this to avoid breeding of any harmful bacteria in the food.

Lower Your Salt Intake

As fresh foods become increasingly unavailable in the vicinity, it is natural that you will move towards canned, processed, or frozen foods. The problem with these foods is the amount of salt that is added to increase their shelf life. To avoid consuming too much salt, first, prioritize foods with reduced or no visible added salt. Rinse canned foods before you consume them to remove the excess sodium.

 In most countries, it is the added salt that is too much but rather the already existing salt that is too much. This is why you are better off using fresh and dried herbs and spices for added flavor instead of salt. 

Limit The Sugar Intake 

Your total energy intake for the day should be less than 5% from sugar. Prioritize fruits above all else when you want to eat something sweet. If fresh fruits are not available then you should buy canned fruits in juice rather than syrup. Even frozen fruits are a better option than canned fruits. When you are picking out desserts ensure that they are low in sugar and you consume small portions. Don’t fall for the low-fat options as they have added sugars to get the same taste. Severely limit the amount of added sugar or syrups in your drinks. 

Avoid Fats

Saturated fats have always been a nuisance to the people who want to remain healthy. To avoid adding too much fat in your food, opt for the cooking methods that do not require fat. This includes steaming, sauteing, and grilling instead of frying. If you need to use fats, then use small amounts of oils like rapeseed, sunflower or olive oil, these are unsaturated oils and thus comparatively healthy. 

Other things you can do to limit saturated fats include trimming the excess fat from meat and other poultry. Pick up the skinless variety wherever you can. Cut back on foods like red and fatty meats, palm oil, lard, and full-fat dairy products. 

Also, stay away from trans fats. This is the apt time to read nutrition packets before you buy products.  That does not mean you cannot snack. You can still do that. Just be careful it does not have hydrogenated fat.

Keep Yourself Occupied

This is non-food based advice, but it is just as important. It is important that you keep yourself occupied when it comes to the quarantine period. Even if you are spending time in front of the screen, it is better than sitting ideally. Play a video game. If you run into too much trouble check out valorant boosting. Anything to be occupied. If you remain ideal, chances are you will just get anxious and that will be bad for both your physical as well as mental health. 

Avoid over-purchasing anything at the market as you may end up putting the vulnerable demographic at a disadvantage like the elderly. The biggest problem here becomes that they cannot venture too far from home for resources. Take a look at what you already have and accordingly stock food in your house. Avoid food waste for you as well as other people’s betterment.

COVID-19 Wellness: How to Maintain Healthy Snacking Habits while Working from Home?

Working from home comes with a lot of eating temptations. You are looking at a packet of chips, a container of candies, and a drawer filled with chocolates. And also with the COVID-19 pandemic escalating in most US states, most of you will be working from home for quite some time now. So, how can you stay productive and resist the temptation of eating packets of chips? Or else how can you work from home while keeping your health in mind? Here are tips that will help you avoid gaining on pounds while you sit inside your home and work. 

Stick to a Planned Schedule 

Working from home gives you the freedom to change lunch schedules. If you were at the office at the moment, I am sure you would eat at the time decided by the management. But working from home means that you can adjust your eating hours. However, delaying your breakfast and lunch for regular intervals of time will eventually lead to you eating late-night dinners. As per experts, late-night dinners means that you can gain weight easily. This means that whatever time in the day you usually eat in the office, stick to the same routine and eat early in the evening. 

Prepare Healthy Snacks in Advance

Work priorities can force you to eat readily available snacks. In your mind, you might think that staying healthy is also important but still some of you can give in to mindless snacking. So, try to mitigate the option of unhealthy snacking by preparing healthy snacks in advance. And most vitally, ensure that you keep the snacks where you can see them. In my personal opinion, replace the junk-containing containers with healthy snacking food. This way each time you reach out for the drawer you will only lay hands on healthy snacks. 

Also, try to make your snacks unique and tasty at the same time. For instance, you can place fruits such as guava, pineapple, and strawberries on skewers. Healthy snacking also means that you can eat low-fat plain yogurt, or use cottage cheese for dips to keep you fuller and satisfied. 

Keep a Container of Dry Fruits Handy

Let’s face it, working from home will allow us the freedom to eat at our own convenience. So, the chances of eating junk food and ready-made snacks are quite high. This is why it is important to keep a jar of dry fruits handy. You can fill the container with your favorite dry fruits and snack on them when you feel like eating a bar of chocolate. Also, ensure that you keep the jar right next to your working table or else on the table. So that you are reminded of healthy snacking habits every time you reach out for a packet of chips or a bar of chocolate. 

Exercise Early in The Morning

I don’t know if you know, but regular exercising motivates an individual to stay away from junk food. According to experts, regular exercising will change your body and your mind will automatically help you make healthier choices. Consider it a psychological change or a change that we consciously take because our body is changing for the better. Whatever the reason, early morning exercises will keep you healthy. 

You can do a ten-minute cardio on your best recumbent bike or pace up and down your building stairs. Whatever mode of exercise you choose, at the end of the day, your eating habits will include more unhealthy snacks. In fact, you will consciously make an effort to eat healthy food. Be it snacks, lunch or even dinner. So, make sure you exercise every morning before starting your work. Because not only will exercise keep you away from bad eating habits but your work productivity will also increase. 

Change Your Working Environment

If you are addicted to junk food or you stress eat when at work, you have to be extra cautious. Experts suggest that distracting your mind can help you better manage your work stress. So, how will you distract your mind? First things first, change your workstation if required. Take your laptop and move to a quieter place with a perfect view staring back at you from the window. If this doesn’t work for you then take a break for 15 minutes and do something that makes you happy. This way you will not be forced to eat junk food and you can bounce back at work with a positive set of mind.