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Video Game Industry Will Transform This Decade. See How.

The video games industry has been evolving for the last many years. Every year, we see new trends and technologies emerging, shaping the future of our favorite games. Every day new games are launched in the market with some new amazing features which just blow our minds. But still, with every new game launch, we are expecting more and more. And why not? 

Video games, now, is not just a source of entertainment for some people, but it has become a way of life. People are devoting their energies and their efforts to these. And in return, the people behind these games are also giving their 100 percent to make the gaming experience awesome.

Obviously, things are changing. And so is our video games industry. And now, when we are on the verge of starting a new decade, let’s see what this new decade packs with it for all the video game enthusiasts out there.

Here are the top changes that you might expect to see in the industry over the course of the next decade.

Digitalization will Take Over

Digitalization will Take Over

With the trend in favor of downloading and streaming the songs, T.V. shows, and movies, consumers are already ditching the old and obsolete CDs and DVDs method. Video game industry is also walking the same steps. In fact, according to statista, the sale of physical PC and Video games has plunged from 80 percent in 2009 to 17 percent in 2018. And this downfall is expected to continue in the next decade too. 

Obviously, digital presence is beneficial to the game publishers as it saves a lot of manufacturing, shipping and storage costs. It’s also convenient for the consumers, as now they don’t have to wait or travel anywhere to get the latest copy of their favorite game.

Streaming your Favorite Games would be Easy

Worldwide, many tech companies, including Google, Microsoft etc., are competing to make streaming your favorite video game as easy as streaming a video on youtube.

Being able to play a video game without a computer or a gaming console will surely transform the video game industry. And because of this, many more people will add up to the list of gamers. People won’t have to wait for hours for their games to download. They won’t have to worry about the space on their device. And they will be able to play their favorite game anytime and anywhere if the trend gets to the smartphones and tablets also.

Revenue Models will be Changed

Revenue Models will be Changed

Previously, video games used to be a one-time purchase only. Publishers and retailers made their bucks only one time with every purchase. And they earned mostly during the holiday season.

But now, many in-game purchase options like paid bonus levels or monthly subscription services like Xbox live are attracting more and more people. Things like New Minecraft Servers have also become more common. And due to these, video game publishers are generating continuous cash flow now. Obviously, this trend is gonna make its place in the industry on a much larger scale this coming decade. 

New Companies will Surface

As new faster and cheaper mobile phones and tablets are emerging, and with easy availability of wireless internet, many small mobile games like candy crush are building a new generation of casual gamers. It has been estimated that more than 2.3 billion people in the world are active video game players. And this number is rising every single day.

And due to this growing number of users, many new companies are getting attracted to the race. According to the news, Amazon, being already a leader in cloud computing, is developing a service to stream video games, and is looking to target a large market very soon. Google is also getting into the race with its Stadia. So, we can see, the competition is getting intense. 

Regulations might hit the Industry

Regulations might hit the Industry

Lawmakers are on their toes looking for methods to keep a check on the game makers. Critics argue that game-makers are encouraging kids to spend their parents’ money on online gambling. And most of the time parents don’t even know about these. Microtransactions in games, for some extra lives or a speed boost, have also become a major concern where kids spend hundreds of dollars without even realizing it.

Game makers are even pushing more and more boundaries. Recently, Rockstar Games have added an in-game casino in GTA V. The players gotta deposit real money here to get gambling chips but they cannot withdraw their winnings. 

Lawmakers are looking for ways to control such practices. Regulations on these will soon be implied.

These are some of the trends which might hit the video games industry very soon. Just keep your eyes open and watch the industry transform. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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