Comfort Foods You Can Eat During Your Periods

Comfort Foods You Can Eat During Your Periods

Menstrual cramp pains are among the worst pains that can afflict a human being. Despite there being a lot of products in the market which claim to be the best of drugs to get rid of these cramps, there is still a dearth of good and effective products which give absolutely no side effects. Where via some research this great pain has been equated to the level of a heart attack, there is an immense need to curate a healthy form of therapy for treating them. 

Be it via delta-8 vape carts or any other medical marijuana solutions, whatever new and more natural form of medication can be evolved, it needs to take a lead in helping out billions of women and girls who have been suffering from these severe pains from time immemorial. However, till the time science catches on to this current problem, there are a few comfort foods that never disappoint the female population during their tough days. Let us have a look at the best of the comfort foods that a woman can consume to pass the painful time.


Anything can disappoint you but chocolate, never. One of the comfort foods for women suffering from severe menstrual pain is the deliciousness of chocolates. Dark chocolates in particular are good for a woman going through a painful period and guess what? It is super healthy too. So the next time you’re sitting on your couch and sobbing over your favorite netflix drama, get your piece of dark cocoa goodness and feel extra cozy. 

Fruits & Dry Fruits

Fruits are not just tasty and yummy to munch on but are responsible for giving some of the best nutritional benefits to the eater. Fruits can be hoarded on and eaten by you in as many amounts you want and your diet schedule would never get affected. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Dry fruits also as they are super rich in Vitamin E can prove to be your best friends during your next periods. They are the best option for the ones who suffer from the problem of diabetes as the sweetness of the fruits might prove to be a little problematic for them.


Be it flavored or unflavored, any girl can enjoy spoonfuls of yoghurt when they’re suffering from period pains and want relief in some form. Yoghurts are also an additional good option for the diabetic girls who can’t munch on any other sweet dish. It has the least amount of sugar as compared to other desserts, and if you’re eating it, the presence of Calcium will work in relieving your period pain to quite an extent. 


Another dish that is known to be an effective pain reliever for menstrual cramps is fish. This rather disconcerting and unpopular comfort food works surprisingly well for a woman suffering through the period pain as it completely relaxes the muscles and promotes the feeling of wellness in the muscles. It is actually a good mood booster as well and that is why it is advised for depressed people to include it in their diet too. So the next time you’re oscillating between extreme moods and bothering your partner or family, have a good meal which features fish as the main ingredient and see your mood change for the better.


The food that can withstand any trials of time and is probably the easiest one to include in your diet, eggs are good comfort foods for women suffering from period cramps. Rich in all the good minerals like Vitamin B6, D and E, these nutritional benefits work together to alleviate the severe pains that are afflicting the person. Including them in your diet will also make sure that you don’t eat anything unhealthy when you’re going through these intense pains. 


The next time you get your periods, try to include these comfort foods in your diet and notice a substantial deduction in the level of pain. Wipe those tears off lady, it is time to make yourself smile.