Delicious Ways To Cook Frozen Vegetables

This unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic has brought great changes in how we shop our groceries. And, we have stocked so many frozen vegetables in our freezer so that they last long! And they are extras. Undoubtedly frozen bags of veggies last a good number of months.

But, the question is how to incorporate them into your food so that they don’t taste frozen and feels fresh while you eat! Tricky, isn’t it? No. Actually, frozen veggies are cooked all wrong. Either you roast them or do not cook them at all. All we got to do is get our cooking method straight for our veggies to taste not like frozen ones.

There are five yummy ways you can use veggies in your dish!

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli and cabbage are savored by so many people and it is a mandatory frozen veggie at each house. Now, how to cook it? Well, broccoli should be roasted in the oven to get the best flavor out of it. Roasted broccoli can be accompanied with sprinkled parmesan cheese. This becomes an excellent side dish. To make it a meal, you can have it with chicken or tofu alongside a bowl of rice. This rice can be even yummier if you add creamy peanut sauce.

Talking about broccoli’s cousin, cauliflower! Cauliflowers can also be roasted for their great flavor and texture. If you add rinsed and drained chickpeas, red onion slices with olive oil and few pinches of berbere, za’atar, or curry powder, you will have the best tasting bowl with flavors oozing out of the bowl. Now, it is time to put this bowl in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. Squeeze a lemon on it before serving and pair it with plain yogurt.

Sweet Corn

How can you forget sweet corn? This is one of the most popular frozen vegetables. We all love sweet corn. Prepare a delicious side dish. Sauté corns in a hot cast iron pan and let it slightly char. Remove from the heat and now add crumbles Parmesan with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkled cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper for taste. Stir in cream or yogurt if you have. And, adding cilantro will do your bowl of corn a great justice. However, it is no necessary!


Another common and yet most loved frozen vegetable pea! Pea tastes better to some with just a pat of butter, while some need more to kick to it. This is for the ones who are a fan of bacon. Take strips of bacon and sauté them with slices of onion until crisp. Discard the drippings and then add peas to the pan. Sauté again to heat the pan thoroughly. Now, add some fresh herbs like mint, dill, parsley. Add salt at the end of cooking. To make it a proper meal, turn this combination into a risotto.


Little cubes of orange carrots are enticing. Especially when you combine all colorful veggies with rice, the presentation, the taste, and the flavor feels outside the world. The best thing is that you can work with left-over rice and frozen veggies and make a powerful dish. Stir fry your rice with ginger, garlic, egg, carrots, and peas. Hit it with a little soya sauce or Sriracha and you have your pocket meal ready in no time!

Green Beans

Green veggies are best for your health. Do not forget that. You can lose the texture of green beans when they are flash-frozen. So, you will obviously not get that same taste as if you just snapped it fresh from a vine. Braise your green beans in tomato sauce with dill herb. The herb can be dried or fresh; the work gets done by its flavor. You can add feta cheese if you want to! The beans will be tender and taste really good!

Bonus- All the greens can be tossed in the pasta of your favorite choice! Pasta with these green veggies is an easy-to-cook meal. Add these frozen green veggies at the last minute while you boil your pasta. After draining your pasta and greens, add butter, salt, and pepper. You will relish every bite of the justice served greens in your pasta.

Hope you loved the above recipes with frozen veggies. Surely, you must have your own magical recipes to share. Do let us know in the comments below.