African Mango Plus | #3 Weight Loss Supplement

At first, I thought African Mango Plus diet supplement was an entirely new supplement on the market only to be astonished to find that there are hundreds of satisfied users who have already used the supplement to successfully lose weight.

What is the Source of this Diet Supplement?

The secret to this weight loss supplement lies in the seeds of the African mango that grows in Cameroon. The active compound, called Irviginia Gabonensis is found in high concentration in the seed of the mango. The natives in Cameroon, in preparation for hunting have used this fruit for many years. The factor that made scientists get interested in the fruit is because the natives maintained a lean body yet they had high levels of energy for hunting. The cause of this was found to be ingestion of the fruit regularly.

How does it Work?

The active compound in the African mango is a natural appetite suppressant. This means that there is reduction on food intake, which is a major cause of obesity. After starting on the supplement, I found that my eating habits changed completely. I could go for many hours without feeling hungry yet I felt rejuvenated and energized all the time.

Another reason that makes the supplement effective is its ability to increase the rate of metabolism in the body. This means more fat is broken down into energy for use around the body. No wonder I could exercise without getting tired even after having ingested a meal some hours back.

The high fiber content in the African Mango Plus is another reason that helps loss of fat. Fiber around the body makes the digestive system to work extra hard to digest it. This means that more calories are burnt up during the digestion process, which leads to loss of weight. This fiber also suppresses hunger so that the user doesn’t eat more than what the body needs. With time, the body gets used to digesting less food thus helping in long-term weight loss.

Is There any Other Health — Related Benefits?

One of the reasons that made me choose this supplement over hundreds of others on the market is the ability to help with constipation. Well, I have used several other supplements that promised to deal with this issue but didn’t. However, the cleansing ability of this weight loss pill really helped me do away with this problem. I found out that this was as a result of the ability of the extract to flush out the chemicals stored in the body to leave it clean and able to function properly.

What is the Ideal Dosage?

Research has shown that the ideal dosage for this supplement is 150mg of the supplement taken twice a day. Some of the negative reviews I came across regarding the supplement stemmed from the fact that people failed to follow the dosage and ended up not experiencing the desired outcome.

Is Diet and Exercise Necessary?

When taking this supplement, there is no need for a special diet. Exercise is not also necessary. However, to get the best and faster result out of the supplement, a healthy diet and some form of exercise are necessary. These two speed up the effect of the supplement.

Are There any Side Effects?

The whole time I used the supplement I never experienced any side effects. The only thing I can say I observed is dizziness at first, which I assumed came from the decrease in the food consumed. You see, I was accustomed to eating several meals a day in sizeable quantities. This changed suddenly and I found myself cutting my consumption in half. This is what caused the dizzy spells.