Green Coffee Bean Max | #1 Weight Loss Supplement

Green Coffee Bean Max uses the green coffee bean extract as the chief ingredient. I used to think the normal brown roasted coffee beans could also help me lose weight and went ahead to consume a good number of cups before I realized the truth after reading a number of Green Coffee Bean Max reviews: it is the green coffee beans that contain the active ingredient not the brown coffee seeds.

Why the Hype about Green Coffee Bean Max?

Recent research has found out that green coffee bean extract is an effective fat burner. After it hit the market, researchers delved deep into its characteristics and found that it has powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-aging properties among numerous other health benefits that help improve your overall health while burning extra fat.

Is there any Study Conducted on this Slimming Supplement?

I was curious just like you to find out whether there has been any study conducted on the pills and what the findings were. I checked around on news sites and found that a study had been conducted on 16 overweight human subjects between the ages of 22 to 46 years old. The participants took the pills each day and consumed the normal food they are used to. After the study, it was observed that the participants lost an average of 17 pounds.

What is the Difference between Green and Brown Coffee Bean?

You must wonder what makes the two different. Well, the green beans are fresh and haven’t been processed at all. After they are picked, the seeds are only cleaned then dried with no heat being used in the process. On the other hand, brown coffee beans have been roasted at extremely high temperatures to give the flavor that is typical of coffee.

Why Is Green Coffee preferred to Brown Coffee?

The major ingredient in this supplement is chlorogenic acid. This compound is present in both green and brown coffee but the concentrations differ. The process of roasting the coffee destroys nearly 90% of the acid. This is why the extract is sourced from green coffee.

How does this Weight Loss Supplement Work?

Scientific evidence has shown that this is one of the top fat burners on the market. It implements its effects through various ways:
• Increases metabolism. The supplement helps burn fat at a faster rate. There is no need for a special exercise regime or special diet to achieve the results expected. The supplement works on its own.
• Controls blood sugar levels. When blood sugar is not balanced in the body, more fat will be stored. By controlling blood sugar, fat is kept at bay and kept away.
• Reduces sugar cravings. As a result of balanced blood sugar levels, less cravings for sweet foods such as chocolate is experienced. The cravings disappear totally.
• Releases stored fatty acids. This is due to the caffeine content in the supplement that releases any fatty acids stored around the body. The acids are broken down to produce energy.

Is There need for Change in Lifestyle?

At first, I thought that I had to take up a strict exercise program and change my diet but that wasn’t the case. The supplement is supposed to perform all the work without any change in lifestyle. However, I was already on an exercise program and a healthy diet so the results were faster in my case. Therefore, for faster results, changes are necessary otherwise, the supplement still works on its own.

Are There any Other Benefits Apart from Losing Weight?

From personal experience and research, I found out that the supplement has several other health benefits that are not related to weight loss. These include:
• The supplement contains potent antioxidants that protect the body against damage by free radicals. This helps reverse the aging process as well as reduce incidence of cancer.
• The green coffee bean extract provides natural colon cleansing. This acts as a natural detoxifier.
• The increase in metabolism helps induce body heat. The released heat will leave the body feeling energized at all times.
• The control of blood sugar means the individual is less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes

Is the Supplement safe?

I have tried a number of weight loss programs and diets before, with mixed results from each. Some of the supplements came with side effects that aren’t pleasant at all. However, I didn’t experience any side effects from green coffee bean extract. Further research showed me why I didn’t experience any side effects:
• The pills are manufactured according to standards that have been set by the country.
• The supplement is 100% natural. No binders, fillers, and additives are used in making the supplement.
• The supplement is manufactured from an FDA recommended lab.
This assured me of the safety of the supplement, which also made me use it with confidence.

How Does One Land the Right Supplement?

I remember one time I bought a weight loss supplement from the internet and found that it was fake. This is the main misgiving about buying such supplements from the internet; there are so many crooks out to make a quick dollar especially when a supplement is in high demand. However, once a person knows what to look out for in the supplement, they can be assured of a real deal. Here is how I know whether I have authentic, safe, and effective supplement.
• The chlorogenic acid level is more than 50%.
• The recommended dosage shouldn’t be more than 1200mg per day.
• Look for the 100% vegetarian sign that indicates it is 100% natural.
Before picking the supplement, it is best to check out some reliable Green Coffee Bean Max reviews that offer unbiased opinions about the supplement.