Saffron Extract Select

Losing weight is easier said than done and if you ever tried out one of those diets or fitness regimes you will agree that it is very frustrating to miss out on your favorite foods and treats just so you can lose some pounds. I found the workout counterproductive because I would get hungry as soon as the sessions were over and quickly shove down the nearest treat down my throat. Now we all know how ineffective such a weight loss program would be, but what if there was a product that could suppress your hunger? Saffron in itself is a component found in the saffron flower that was mostly used in ancient Greece and Rome either as medicine, dye and spice. However, it did not take long for scientists to discover its role in struggle for weight loss as an appetite suppressant. This article talks about the Saffron Extract Select which is a product of saffron.

Role of Serotonin

For anyone who wants to lose weight, the one thing that you need to do regardless of the weight loss plan you have chosen is to regulate how much you eat. Many people, particularly women vent out their emotional distress through overeating and research has it that the chemical serotonin is responsible for the emotion roller coaster that most women have found themselves on at some point in their lives. If you have been through this, then you are most likely and emotional binger who turns to food when you are experiencing a difficult situation.

Maintains Serotonin Levels

This is where saffron extract select comes in because of its role as an appetite suppressant. Taking this extract will boost your serotonin levels so that you will not crave for snacks or treats in between your meals, and it will keep you in good moods as well. Low serotonin levels are responsible for binge eating and unhealthy diets. By keeping your serotonin levels up you make a conscious choice to eat evenly spaced out meals that are healthy. Since the saffron keeps you in good moods, you are likely to be satisfied with the meals that you take so that you feel full.

Zero Calories

The fact that saffron extract has no calories means it does not in any way compromise your efforts towards losing weight. As long as you take the saffron extract select that has natural ingredients, your dream of achieving a slimmer look will become a reality sooner or later.

Scientific Evidence

Of course all this would be hearsay if there was no scientific research or test to support these claims, but a research published in Nutrition Research posted great results when a group of women were given the supplement to control weight gain. An impressive 100% of the test subjects showed a decrease in appetite and thus food intake. But perhaps the most exciting finding is that the women showed a decrease in appetite of 84%! This is definitely reason enough for me to try this seemingly magical extract.

Getting the Right Product

However, with all the saffron extract imitations in the market right now you need to be careful about which brand you take home. Any product that is has not been certified as a product of an FDA registered laboratory should not be considered. Saffron Extract Select is the brand you need to assist you in your weight loss program.

Possible Side Effects or Contraindications

Although Saffron extract may be natural, but that does not mean you should take it without caution. Anything that manipulates the brain into thinking you are full should be considered significant enough to warrant a doctor’s expert advice. If you have a history of depression or have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you should consult your doctor before making the decision to use this extract.

If you are expectant you should not be too anxious to rake this extract as it could harm your unborn child. The same case applies if you are breastfeeding as traces can be passed from you to your child.

Another important note to remember is the correct dosage. Although the FDA does not really specify the dosage, you should stick to the recommended dosage which is 88-90mg twice a day. Increasing the dosage will not in any way help you lose weight faster, and you may end up experiencing harmful side effects.

Whether saffron extract select appears on the top five list of burner fat brands or not, there is no disputing that using natural methods to supplement your weight loss program is not only a healthy choice, but an effective one as well.