Why ‘Too Healthy’ Can Be Unhealthy?

Why ‘Too Healthy’ Can Be Unhealthy?

People often advocate in favor of eating healthy. How one should eliminate the unhealthy and switch to better alternatives that promote health. While the idea of eating healthy may be beneficial in improving health, completely ditching certain food items and changing lifestyle just to avoid the so-called ‘unhealthy food’ can be considered a borderline eating disorder. Even though it is not yet recognized as a mental disorder, it definitely is a dangerous condition that can affect your physical and mental health.

Orthorexia Nervosa

As the saying goes, excess of everything is bad, eating healthy is no exception. It is acceptable to some extent but once the line is crossed it becomes a disorder. The condition is known as orthorexia and the ultimate aim of the individual struggling with this condition is to eat clean, healthy and precisely ‘pure’ food.

While a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, eating organic and fresh food is a great initiative towards health, obsessing about it to an extent where it gets concerning is wrong. The excess of obsession leads to the eating disorder which shall definitely have its own repercussions.  It is different from anorexia as it isn’t about the quantity but quality of the food consumed and has nothing to do with the body weight of the individual. However, one can witness considerable weight loss even if that is the last thing they expect out of it.


Eating healthy and clean is good but things get out of hand when the individual starts feeling paranoid by the idea of eating outside (in a restaurant) or something they haven’t cooked themselves. That is one common symptom of orthorexia.

Obsessive thoughts about what they are eating and how it shall affect their body, researching food and their negative effects beyond a certain level, and feeling anxious about the connection between food items and their effects on common medical conditions is another symptom.

Following uptight washing techniques and worrying about sterilization of utensils and preparation of food is another very common symptom of orthorexia. It is completely fine to a level that is acceptable but once the thinking gets irrational, healthy eating starts becoming a problem.

When Healthy Eating Becomes Problematic

Once the person starts obsessing over clean eating and food, the irrational thoughts stop them from thinking straight and eventually lead them to mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, mood swings, and even depression. This is where a condition started by worrying about health becomes a health concern itself.

When orthorexia starts affecting lifestyle, quality of life, and mental health, one witnesses physical changes as well. Malnutrition and excessive weight loss are two common, visible effects of orthorexia.


There is no specific treatment for this condition except therapy. It is often believed and suggested that one can deal with the condition on their own by motivating themselves to change but there are ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression that are caused by orthorexia. One can choose to try Budpop Hemp products as a potential treatment for the mental health conditions related to the stress and obsession of eating healthy while simultaneously working out on their main condition via therapy.